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.ขอแนะนำหนังสือออกใหม่ book@ovid จำนวน 12 เล่ม ทดลองใช้ระหว่างวันที่ 17 เม.ย. - 17 พ.ค. 67
1. ACLS Review Made Incredibly Easy!
Copyright Year: 2023
Edition: 4th Ed.
ISBN: 9781975218409
Author: LWW, Laura Willis
2. Atlas of Forensic Pathology: A Pattern Based Approach
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 1st Ed.
ISBN: 9781975222505
Author: Kemp, Walter L.
3. Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 5th Ed.
ISBN: 9781975211837
Author: Griffin, Rodgers; Young, Neal S.
4. Fischer's Mastery of Surgery
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 8th Ed.
ISBN: 9781975176433
Author: Ellison, E. Christopher; Upchurch, Gilbert R.; Efron, Philip A.
5. Foundations for Success in Orthopaedic Surgery
Copyright Year: 2023
Edition: 1st Ed.
ISBN: 9781975222536
Author: Vallier, Heather A.
6. Instructional Course Lectures, Volume 73
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 1st Ed.
ISBN: 9781975220914
Author: AAOS / Navarro
7. Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Foot and Ankle
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 7th Ed.
ISBN: 9781975213435
Author: Chou, Loretta B
8. Orthopaedic Knowledge Update Musculoskeletal Infection 2
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 2nd Ed.
ISBN: 9781975202422
Author: AAOS / Wongworawat
9. Rosen's Diagnosis of Breast Pathology by Needle Core Biopsy
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 5th Ed.
ISBN: 9781975198367
Author: Hoda, Syed A.; Hoda, Raza S.; Zhong, Elaine
10. The Covid-19 Textbook: Science, Medicine and Public Health
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 1st Ed.
ISBN: 9781975202330
Author: William A. Haseltine
11. Value-Based Health Care in Orthopaedics
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 1st Ed.
ISBN: 9781975223083
Author: AAOS / Bozic
12. Visual Guide to ECG Interpretation, A
Copyright Year: 2024
Edition: 3rd Ed.
ISBN: 9781975213589
Author: Wilcox, Susan R.; Brown, David F.
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